The Manaus Free Trade Zone is an area of free trade that allows the import and export with different conditions in terms of taxes in relation to other parts of Brazil. The Law of the Manaus Free Zone basically provides four types of operations:

  • Importing supplies and outdoor products.
  • Import of raw materials and products from others states from Brazil (Nationalization)
  • Export products abroad.
  • Sale of products manufactured in the Manaus Free Trade Zone for the rest of the country.

The processes presents significant competitive advantages for products that have their basic production process (PPB) set by the Federal Government.

To enjoy the tax benefits offered in the region, it is necessary for the company to install the pole and has economic project approved by the competent bodies basically Suframa for federal taxes and state taxes for SEPLAM. A quick way to operate in the Manaus Free Trade Zone is to hire the services of Electronics Venttos, either through OEM service, Turn Key or the industrialization of electronic boards. The Venttos with their experience helps your business with business consulting shortening the implementation and operation of your business. Consulte-nos.

The Venttos offers a differentiated service in receiving input and output issues. Since the rise to Venttos has cargo inspection in China and follows a strict procedure in order to validate its bill of materials, making sure everything is as for manufacturing. Our controls are automated and through software that allows all customers the online monitoring of inventory control, quality inspection, payment of materials, balances and various reports.



With the experience of 7 years Venttos consolidated in the electronic market as a company of credibility and maintains a standard of quality and efficiency. Our difference is evidenced by the results we provide to our customers. Our marketing is meeting the companies and brands that we represent and manufacture.

We serve the law of the Manaus Free Trade Zone and the Amazonas State in all applications be they economic, social, environmental and technical.

Our manufacturing capacity in the electronics area is multinational level, we have reference equipment for manufacture of plates and electronic products. With a modern park that allows us to offer a quality service and great cost benefit. Our experience with the assembly of several products formed a big know-how, as well as a variety of defined processes which definitely increase the speed and accuracy of decision-making.

We offer the service of distributing the products manufactured with their brand. We have created a business model that companies holding sales channels can use the benefits of the Manaus Free Trade Zone without the need to start initially deploying a factory in the region, in order to reduce costs and provide a business validation time operation .

The Venttos Electronics is the first door to your company entering the Manaus Free Trade Zone and distribute their products in Brazil.

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