The concept of quality Venttos encompasses all stages of the production process, from the severe inspection of raw materials to final testing of the product. The use of optical inspection equipment helps in fault detection and rapid correction of problems in manufacturing, as well as the use of control standards and constant training enhancing the experience of operating personnel. The Venttos offers safety and convenience to their customers so as to avoid potential problems in reaching their customers, and even offers support RMA in critical cases and design problems. The Venttos ensures full traceability of access sues product and process monitoring allowing your customers and employees keep pace with the steps and the pursuit of continuous improvement.


Who has technology can reduce costs and offer better prices to their customers; Venttos has the best value in the market and can offer solutions to clients of any size. Get a quote with us.


Production capacity, tools for quick setup, integrated MRP, constant monitoring of the customers produtcion plan and proactive teams enables Venttos offer an alternative to serving our customers the flexibility to rapidly changing requirements necessary in today's business.

Espaço para a sua empresa

The Venttos Electronics has an area of expansion that can be sub-allocated standards from 1,000m2 to companies that are starting their operations in the free zone of Manaus and have a strategy to install its subsidiaries in Manaus and outsource the assembly of electronic boards as PPB. Certainly deployment and maintenance costs are reduced by at least 50% ensuring rapid deployment and operation.

Experience & Consulting

In partnership with several consulting firms help your company on preliminary information, PPB studies, Suframa projects, SEPLAN in all legal formalities of the region.


Venttos is a company as a different proposition, allowing their clients to track in real time what is happening in the manufacture of boards and products. Moreover, the software installed validates each step of the process, from the arrival of the material to packing and shipping. The company has a high know-how in the area, and currently employs all its technology developed in strengthening the manufacturing business.


The Venttos is growing every year with the singular practice of respect, trust, commitment that translate into credibility. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of our business respecting our customers, suppliers and employees.

After sales

All repair laboratory structure and analysis, customer service, call center, technical assistance and rework services.

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