About Us

The Venttos was created in 2007 in the city of Manaus, Brazil and initially acting as a developer of custom software for industry in this period, the company was known as Venttos Technology & Results. Achieved prominence signing partnerships with several large companies and creating the most diverse manufacturing management systems. Expanding, began operations in the purchase, sale and rental of equipment designed for the electronics industry and developing alliances with companies like EMS, which worked in cooperation with the shared production and equipment rental. In 2010, the company turned its attention to the market providing contract manufacturing services, resulting in the installation of its first factory. Adding to the knowledge management industrial control systems developed and using all your machinery acquired, was born Venttos Electronics, which since its founding is charting a path of success and stability in the market.


The Venttos Electronics, has the vision, sustainable growth in order to keep the company viable, meeting the legal requirements of product design and society, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers in an environment respect, ethical and responsible.


Work focused on the search for better results always on the needs of our customer and reaching the goals in order to keep the business sustainable and durable.

Environment Care

The Venttos Electronics is a company that cares about the environment, located in the heart of the Amazon, the company uses practical emission control waste and performs garbage collection and dispose of according to law. The company was growing at the thought of caring for the environment, thus only work with inputs that follow the directives ROHS, sousing materials that do not contain substances harmful to the environment. At the plant is used only lead-free solders.

Meet out team

Luciano Benitah
"The essence of our business is the success of our customers."
Antonio Carlos
"Our engagement is complete and we are focused on meeting."
João Soares
Plant Manager
"We are not only producing products, we are building the future."
Edilene Moraes
Administration Manager
"Venttos is a family composed of employees, suppliers and customers."
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